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Uncomplicated installation and curing with quick processing of the entire construction project

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Innovative design for many areas of application

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The right Alphaliner for every renovation project

Every renovation measure has its own individual requirements. No sewer is like the other, no waste water is like the other. The universal liner that does justice to every application does not exist.

Therefore, the RELINE UV group offers a wide variety of Alphaliner types for the respective initial situation.

They are different

  • in the ECR glass fiber qualities used,

  • in the glass fiber orientation,

  • under construction and

  • in the resins used.

They also have different mechanical properties.

COMMUNITY - AlphalinerUP

Alphaliner UP – rehabilitation of municipal sewage networks

GRP hose liner with high-quality polyester resin for long-lasting sewer rehabilitation

INDUSTRY - AlphalinerVE

Highly resistant resin system

A specially designed polyester resin is used for the AlphalinerUP, which is characterized by the highest resistance to municipal sewage (UP; classified according to DIN EN 13121 in group 4; DIN 16946-2 type 1140; DIN 18820 group 3). The ECR glass fibers used are particularly corrosion-resistant.


Withstands the highest static loads

The Alphaliner is approved by the relevant international approval bodies (including Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), Germany, CSTB France, QUIK Switzerland, WRc UK, ASTM1216 and ASTM2019 USA). The variantsAlphaliner500G-UPandAlphaliner1800H-UPhave excellent mechanical characteristics. They therefore meet all material quality requirements and can withstand the highest static loads with comparatively low wall thicknesses.

With the UV light-curing AlphalinerUP GRP pipe liner, trenchless rehabilitation measures of up to 350 meters per day can be carried out particularly quickly and efficiently. As a result, disruptions to residents and road traffic are reduced to a minimum, especially in inner-city projects. The service life of a rehabilitated sewer section is at least 50 years.

  • Outstanding chemical resistance to municipal sewage

  • High mechanical characteristics for long-lasting resilience

  • Unique wear layer on the inner surface of the liner

  • Optimum solution for circular, egg, box and special profiles



RELINE the competent partner for the renovation of pressure pipes

In the case of damaged pressure lines, network operators previously only had the choice between expensive new construction and complex rehabilitation using heat-curing processes.

RELINE now offers a particularly quick and economical solution: the renovation of pressure pipelines with UV light-curing GRP hose liners.

Renovations with UV light-curing pipe liners from RELINE are characterized by:

  • Short renovation times

  • Fast curing times

  • Ready-to-lay delivery of the pipe liner to the construction site

  • No resin mixing and no on-site impregnation

  • Stand-alone for high pressure loads

  • Safety for people and the environment against excessive noise, fumes and dust

Renovation of gas pipelines in the low-pressure area

Renovation of sewage pressure lines

Renovation of drinking water pressure lines

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