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GRP Technology

RELINE continues to develop the production processes of GRP technology konstant

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Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) is one of the most versatile materials that can be designed and used successfully in numerous industries such as the aircraft, automotive, shipbuilding or wind turbine industries.

As a high-quality fibre-reinforced composite (FRP), GRP is produced by combining several materials - the moulding matrix such as polyester, vinylester or epoxy resin and reinforced high-strength fibres (usually glass, aramid or carbon).

With GRP technology, RELINE offers an optimal GRP pipe liner for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation that is tailored to the static requirements of the sewer, the quality of the wastewater or other media and the given safety requirements.

Materials of the highest quality - special ECR glass fibrer and a resin adapted to UV light curing - form the basis for this successful GRP technology. This enables optimal curing with innovative UV light curing and long-lasting quality of the end product.



Being able to influence the quality of the Alphaliner as early as possible has been RELINE's vision since its foundation in 2009 and the driving force behind the implementation of the Total Quality Management System (TQM). Almost a decade later - in 2020 - RELINE took another essential strategic step after an intensive development and planning phase and opened it's Competence Center Glass in Rheine, Münsterland.


Today, fiberglass fabrics are manufactured here on three modern production lines in close coordination with the headquarter in Rohrbach for the Alphaliner, which is used worldwide. In addition to the Alphaliner500G and Alphaliner1800H, this also includes the GRP liners for the pressure pipe area or with dimension changes. Furthermore, preliminary products for the AlphalinerPN and the AQUA.UV CIPP (GRP liner for pressure pipes) are also produced.


The innovative design of the Alphaliner stands for endless areas of application and stands out with properties that set high standards:

  • UV light-proof, fabric-reinforced PVC outer protection, optionally as integrated sliding protection or integrated preliner.

  • Polymer film (PA) with styrene barrier function.

  • Load-bearing thickness of the composite structure consisting of ECR glass fibres for Alphaliner500G or for Alphaliner1800H. Formed out of wrapped pre-impregnated glass fibre layers.

  • Abrasion protective layer against highest chemical and mechanical loads.

  • Inner foil (PE/PA) as installation aid with styrene barrier (generally removed once curing is completed)

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